The Shadow of the Back of Your Mind


I learned a certain idea from Bob Proctor, wherein Fear overrides our consciousness and prevent us from doing what we ought to do.  And that fear itself causes Worry and Doubt.  I also learned from Tony Robbins that without Certainty, we don’t get to Act, and it is only through action that we get Results.  In the end, it’s really the results that matter, isn’t it?

In our life, we are bestowed upon a multitude of beliefs which affect how we look at our world.  We may have gotten it from our parents, teachers, friends, or even formed by our own thinking through our life experiences.  But some of these beliefs are the reason why we have these fears, worries, and doubts, and that they are the reason why the things we want in life are but a fleeting dream.  Unfortunately, in times we are bombarded with everyday life’s demands; preparing for an exam, working on a day job, or being a parent to many children, we barely have any time to think carefully about all these beliefs that we hold.  It would sound like too much trouble to think about these “petty things” and we just focus on getting through the day.  Imagine trying to cut a tree with a saw without pause for 30 minutes and yet you’re barely getting halfway through the trunk.  And then imagine what would have happened if you took short breaks instead of spending that full 30 minutes, and used that free time to sharpen the saw.  How much time and effort would you have saved?  This “Sharpen the Saw” metaphor is actually one of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” which is one of the best self-help books to date, even considered by some people as a Business book under Leadership.

What I’m trying to say is that you may be living your daily lives ineffectively or inefficiently because you carry these fearful and doubtful beliefs in mind when you could have done something about it by taking a step back and thinking it through.  You may say that you have tried at some point but it didn’t matter in the end, and thus it reinforced the cynicism you have.  But really, it’s not like you have tried everything already, right?  So what’s the solution?

Bob Proctor mentioned that the reason for Fear is Ignorance, and knowing that the opposite of ignorance is Knowledge, the best way to counter fear is to really address that ignorance through Learning.  If you don’t read books, it’s not too late to try.  He also says that if your way isn’t working, you might as well try another way, one that may not necessarily be one that works perfectly, but is different enough for you to learn from the experience.  Be Open-minded and have a Growth Mindset.  Realize that as you learn new things, fear becomes Courage, doubt becomes Faith, and worry becomes Certainty.  It all starts with having the time to really think about yourself and the current mindset you have.  Obviously, addressing all issues at the same time is a complex task, so might as well start with the most obvious one.  Find out if there is anything you Desire, and identify as many beliefs associated with it.  If the belief carries with it any fear, worry, or doubt, then bingo!  You are one step closer to unraveling the shadow of the back of your mind, your subconscious programming.  Keep in mind, though, that whatever you have discovered may just be a small part of a bigger discovery, so don’t stop now and you’ll be amazed at the possibilities.  You may have hit gold, but you can still hit diamond!

So what does the shadow of the back of your mind represent?  Does it represent the obscurity of beliefs which carry your fears, your worries, and your doubts?  Or does it represent the untapped potential of your mind to drive such beliefs away and replace them with new empowering ones?  Go ahead, explore the shadows and see for yourself.


Author: J. Paul Tan II

I am a single part of an integrated whole.

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